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Are you on the right path to slow down your aging?

Maybe you already put a lot of effort into a better lifestyle. You have changed your diet, you have devoted more time to sport, you gave attention to have control on your stress level, etc. But have it all really affected positively your aging process? Or are you losing time on the wrong efforts? HeartReader gives you insight into your personal needs and helps you to follow your trends.

You don’t know where to start

Maybe you want to have a healthier lifestyle but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you have tried different approaches but you don’t know the effect. What changes do you have to make to become a younger you? Based on your measurement with HeartReader you can become a younger you.

May help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases – as they interconnected with pathological ageing

Everyone wants to age healthy without health problems. You think you are ageing slowly – but do you? Do you think your lifestyle is maintaining your general state of ageing in a positive way? Let’s find out with HeartReader.


HeartReader calculates more than 20 parameters about your general state of ageing. Because of these 20 parameters instead of a few, HeartReader enables a much more complete overview of your general state of ageing. 

Easy to use

You put the HeartReader device on your finger and within seconds the parameters of your measurement will be shown at your web based dashboard and at the dashboard of any authorized PRO user who you want to share your results with. Consecutive measurement periods (at least 2 weeks) will provide even deeper insights on the day-to-day fluctuations of your parameters – which might differ in different stages of ageing.

Less stress

You measure your general state of aging at the comfort of your home. This means you are in a relaxed situation and you don’t have the higher stress level because of external factors during your trip to a authorized PRO user. The measurement will be more efficient based on an at home normal environment.

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